DETAILSOption to climb, half day or  full day (INCLINED ROCK)
  • * We offer tours for beginners and for people who are looking for natural climbing walls to raise their adrenaline levels and to enjoy an unforgettable adventure.
  • * We leave by taxi from your hotel either at 8:30am. or at 2:00 pm. But we are flexible with the departure time.
  • * The rock is a 10 minute drive from downtown Sucre after which we walk 12 minutes to the climbing area.
  • * This climbing area is very stable and safe for all our clients.
  • * We have professional equipment and experienced guides who teach everyone from beginner to advanced climbers. The natural walls are between 23 to 25 meters with varying degrees of difficulty.
  • * In Sica Sica there are routes from (4) to (6c+) of difficulty. (French system) and (5.0) to (5.11c) of difficulty (U.S. system).
  • * The best guides and climbers in Sucre.
  • * Transportation (round trip).
  • * Professional equipment for everyone.
  • * Rope, harness, helmet, chalk and special climbing shoes.
  • * An awesome and unforgettable climbing experience.

1      Delta                                        6a+   Ruben Martinez Carreño                (Top Rope)
2      Pégate a la roca                      6a     Carlos Eduardo Vargas T.               (Top Rope)
3      El Ojo                                       6a     G Beisly 2009.                                 (7 Bolts). 
4      Perturbación                            6c+   G Beisly 2009.                                 (7 Bolts). 
5      Solitario                                   6a     Ruben Martinez Carreño                (Top Rope)
6      Rompe Canillas                       6a+    Ruben Martinez Carreño                (Top Rope)
7      Sin Chanchito                          6a+    Carlos Eduardo Vargas T.              (Top Rope)

BLOQUE -2-  (25 Metros)

8                             5c              Rubén Martínez                            (Top Rope)
9                             6a+            Rubén Martínez                            (Top Rope)
10  Caballo             5b              Rubén Martínez                           (Top Rope)
11                           6a+            Carlos Eduardo Vargas T.            (Top Rope)
12                           5c              Rubén Martínez                            (Top Rope)
13                           6a              Rubén Martínez                            (Top Rope)
14                           6a+            Rubén Martínez                            (Top Rope)

BLOQUE -3- (20 Metros) 

   15       Ruta numero 1                5b          Rubén Martínez                      (Top Rope)

   16       Ruta numero 2                5c          Rubén Martínez                      (Top Rope)

   17       Ruta numero 3                6a           Rubén Martínez                    (Top Rope)

   18       Ruta numero 4                5c          Rubén Martínez                      (Top Rope)

   19       Ruta numero 5                4           Rubén Martínez                      (Top Rope)

    20       Ruta numero 6                5c          Rubén Martínez                     (Top Rope)

    21       Ruta numero 7                5b          Rubén Martínez                     (Top Rope)

    22       Ruta numero 8                5b          Rubén Martínez                     (Top Rope)

    23       Ruta numero 9                5b          Rubén Martínez                      (Top Rope)

10 comentarios:

  1. Hicimos la escalada com Rosio y todo fue sensacional. Fuimos con una niña y Rosio fue mucho paciente, educada y amigable con nosotras. Felicitaciones por la excelencia en los servicios.

    Luciana Hidemi

  2. I recently completed a few of these routes with Carlos as our guide. I'd like to say that it was a lot of fun and I felt that I learned so much about climbing and improved my technique. He was patient and helpful about how to tackle these routes. The quality of the wall is top notch and I'd thoroughly recommend doing this to any tourists visiting Sucre. Although I can speak Spanish, Carlos is bilingual and was able to help out my friend who can not speak Spanish with clear instructions in both languages...many thanks

    John Nesbitt

  3. He ido varias veces a sucre y siempre voy a escalar a sica sica, siemrpe escojo a carlos como mi guia y compañero de escalada, tiene mucha paciencia y sentido del humor, es un buen conocedor de rutas y siempre esta presto a enseñar como mejorar mi tecnica.

    gracias carlos y hasta la proxima.

    Jose Franco

  4. I climbed my first 6a in Sica Sica (el Ojo) - a really nice route and climbing spot. Close to the city, easy to reach.
    And - exellent climbing guides :-)

    Lise Josefsen Hermann,

    Denmark (Bolivia)

  5. C'etait ma grande premiere en escalade et je dois dire que j'ai adore! Le site est super, les sensations au rendez-vous et le guide tout simplement excellent!!! Une experience a ne pas manquer!!! Un grand merci a Carlos qui a su me mettre en confiance!!!
    Hasta luego con mucho placer!!!
    Muriel Parayre (Francia)

  6. Me and my group had a wonderful day climbing. The experience was better than expected, great location, from begginners to experts there was something for everybody, even tho the weather was not the best, we all felt safe and carlos made sure of that. He's a natural teacher; patient, extremely upbeat and positive. We all learned a lot in a short period of time! i really recommend it!

    Ayelén Orona (ARGENTINA)

  7. Rock Climbing in Sucre, Bolivia
    Today I went out with a few other group members and went rock climbing on a rock face just above Sucre, Bolivia. It was amazing!!!
    My first time ever rock climbing on a real rock face and I loved it! The weather was great, I was able to climb 5 times AND I climbed an overhang. Woah!
    I tried to upload pictures of the climb from the free computer at the hotel but there was a weird current running through my camera so I didn´t continue. I´ll head to an internet cafe shortly to try to upload photos there.
    We left at 9am, drove in the back of a truck bed to the bottom of a large hill and had to climb up for about 10 minutes until we reached the rock face. We started with the easier climbs and by the second climb I already felt a lot better and a lot more comfortable with the height.
    We were doing so well that the instructor then took us to a really difficult rock with an overhang. I wasn´t able to get it the first time but I got it on the second try and it was amazing!!! I loved it.
    There were only 4 of us that went, David from England, Sara from England, our guide Paul from the US and myself. It was nice to have a small group because we got to climb more :)
    We ended up leaving at around 2:30 and it was only supposed to go until around 1pm, that´s thanks to the instructor.
    It was a great experience and I would love to do it again!

    Alison's South American Adventure 2009

  8. Danke Carlos für die tolle Tour. Auch ich als erfahrener Kletterer hatte die Gelegenheit neue Techniken zu erlernen. Hätte außerdem nicht gedacht in der Nähe von Sucre einen so fordernden wie zugleich griffigen Felsen anzutreffen. Ich komme gerne wieder.
    En ingles (mas o menos correcto):
    Thank you Carlos for the great tour. I, as climber with experience, had the oportunity to learn new technics. I didn`t tought to meet a such challenging and gripy rock and that in the near invorement of sucre such. I will come again.
    Muchas Grazias

  9. Hola Carlos

    Finalmente hemos llegado a casa.

    - Muchas gracias, fue una experiencia muy chevere!
    - Merci, isch wältklass gsi!
    - Hät mega Spass gmacht und euis teilwis zur Verzwiflig bracht! ;o)

    Saludos y que te vaya muy bien!

    Los Suizos
    Seraina, Vi y Stefan

  10. Nico Flügel

    “Fantastische Halbtagestour, bei der von jedem Schwierigkeitsgrad was dabei ist! Der Guide ist erfahren und nett und nutzt einen Teil der Einnahmen dazu das Klettern bei Schulen aus Sucre zu etablieren, um so neue Freizeitmöglichkeiten zu schaffen.“